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Russell Crowe Does Not Moralise About Poker

by | 20th, December 2007

RUSSELL Crowe has fought virtual reality lions, and he has won. And now he won again, taking on the poker machines.

Crowe and his business partner, Peter Holmes a Court, wanted the 60 poker machines removed from the South Sydney league club in Redfern, Sydney.

Crowe and Holmes own a 75 per cent stake in the National Rugby League.

The machines rake in $1.7 million (£850,000)-a-year. Godo money for a club. But, then, what’s money when you are rich movie star and your partner a member of one of the richest families in Australia.

Say Crowe and Homes a Court: “We are not moralising here, we just believe that low-income areas like Redfern need less poker machines rather than more.

“We believe a club can be successful if it caters for our members and the broad community; is a place where families can gather for conversation and good food; and the distracting din of pokies doesn’t stop the conversation or drown out live music.”

Conversation and good food at a sports ground… Live the dream , Russell. Live the dream…

You can live the dream here, without Russell Crowe spoiling your fun…

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