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Prince Edward Names Baby

by | 21st, December 2007

edward-baby.jpgEDWARD Wessex and his blonde Sophie cradle their knockout newborn son and show him off to the world. “Beaming Sophie” (Express) and “delighted” Eddie (Mail) could not be happier.

All that remains is to choose a name. Viscount Severn will open doors, but bookmakers tell the Mail the “most likely” choice is Archie at 8-1. The Express agrees and says it’s James at 3-1.


The top 10 candidates are as follows:

1. Mohammed
2. RJH Public Relations
3. Mini-Series
4. Mazher Mahmood
5. My Edward’s Not Gay
6. Rover
7. Ardent
8. Edward Formerly-Known-As-Prince
9. Joker
10. Jules

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