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DECK the fools (bit late but good): “ANTI-CHRISTMAS CAROL SERVICE”

Ladies and gentlemen, (naughty) boys and girls… it’s time to call an end to a ridiculous charade:

You are cordially invited to a public anti-Christmas carol service in Parliament Square at 6:30pm on Thursday the 20th of December 2007.

With apologies to Amnesty International… yet again.As with previous years, candles and song sheets will be made available, with donations going to Medical Aid for Iraqi Children.

However, this year we will NOT be demonstrating in favour of Christmas without seeking police permission. We will instead be demonstrating against Christmas with police permission… just to be difficult.


Legal Implications:

Previously, the police have been a little bit confused about what does and does not constitute a demonstration, which is what makes their enforcement of Section 132 of the Serious and Organised Crimes and Police Act (2005) so charmingly inconsistent.

To help clarify matters, we are repeating a demonstration (that the police have claimed is not a demonstration) that is identical in every significant detail… bar one:

This year, we will be demonstrating against something instead of demonstrating in favour of it… and requesting permission so the classifcation of this event as a demonstration (or not) is on record.

UPDATE (18 Dec) – The verdict is in! The police have decided that we DO need permission. Apparently staging an event in support of Christmas is legal within a designated area without police permission, and staging an event against Christmas is not. The police are therefore guilty of religious discrimination.


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