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Gordon Brown’s X Factor For Rhydian

by | 21st, December 2007

gordon-brown-rhydian.jpg“X FACTOR OFFICIAL INQUIRY – Now PM orders quiz into probe vote row*.”

Gordon Brown has sent a “personal letter” (Star) to the Welsh singer Rhydian. For purposes of identification, and national pride, Gordon Brown is as Scots as X Factor winner Leon Jackson and Rhydian is Welsh.

Dear [insert name here] “I see great talent being given a chance to develop itself,” says Gordon.

It is in no way thanks to Gordon Brown’s premiership that talent can evolve on its own.  Gordon might have created a culture in which Welsh reality TV singers can dream of success and make a real fist at achieving it. But this is Rhydian’s time.

Should Rhydian wish to thank Mr Brown for his letter then he is free and able to do it in this democratic land watched over by a benign Gordon Brown.
As Gordon Brown says… (continues until General Election)

*Or not.

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