Anorak News | Poker’s Pamela Anderson Creates An Illusion With Criss Angel

Poker’s Pamela Anderson Creates An Illusion With Criss Angel

by | 21st, December 2007

pamelaandersonrick.jpg“DID an illusionist come between Pamela Anderson and her professional poker-playing hubby, Rick Salomon?” asks the New York Post.

Anderson has been appearing on stage in New York as a pneumatic Debbie McGee to magician Hans Klok’s Paul Daniels.

The promotional shot for the show Hans Klok – The Beauty of Magic features a bouffant-haired Klok fanning a pack of cards. Klok exudes all the machismo of French knickers. Klok is “the world’s fastest magician,” we learn. Take two bottles into the shower? Klok takes ten and still gets the job done on time. It’s magic.

But it’s not Klok who has been “cozying up to” Anderson, rather “publicity-loving illusionist Criss Angel”.

Salomon, who stars in the straight-to-tissues video One night in Paris Hilton “hit the roof when he found out Pam was hanging out with Criss while he was off at a poker tournament. They had a huge fight”. And now Anderson has filed for divorce.

Who gets custody of the ubiquitous home move remains to be decided.

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