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The End Of Global Warming

by | 22nd, December 2007

global-warming.jpgNO more global warming – the protests must have worked:

Global warming stopped? Surely not. What heresy is this? Haven’t we been told that the science of global warming is settled beyond doubt and that all that’s left to the so-called sceptics is the odd errant glacier that refuses to melt?

Aren’t we told that if we don’t act now rising temperatures will render most of the surface of the Earth uninhabitable within our lifetimes? But as we digest these apocalyptic comments, read the recent IPCC’s Synthesis report that says climate change could become irreversible. Witness the drama at Bali as news emerges that something is not quite right in the global warming camp.

With only few days remaining in 2007, the indications are the global temperature for this year is the same as that for 2006 – there has been no warming over the 12 months.

But is this just a blip in the ever upward trend you may ask? No.

This story in the New Statesman is illustrated with the required pictrue of a polar bear.

Anorak’s picture is from a story headlined “Global warming advocates rally downtown”, published in a New Hampshire, USA, organ, owned by the mighty Dow Jones, Inc.

Sam Witherbee, a Carbon Coalition employee, says their efforts converged now because of the upcoming primary and the change of season. “Climate change will affect this area,” says Witherbee. “We’re here showing we love winter, love the cold weather. That’s who we are and we don’t want it to change.”

And this: “Bill Burtis, also of the Carbon Coalition, said the turnout was a good one. He said it was almost as cold as the day former presidential candidate Al Gore gave his global warming speech in New York City.”

So the Al Goreans hot air hasn’t made it worse…

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