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Links To Things: Best Of The Web

by | 23rd, December 2007

Tacky Christmas
The Venus Project: Jacque Fresco Interview[futurism]
China’s “Manufactured Landscapes”, site[photography]
Duck & Cover! Atomic bomb survival skills
New Life for Rabbits, Hamsters etc.[weird][vintage]
Tram on Ice: Retro Cool[vintage]
New Species: Monster Rat Found[nature]
Cats in Sinks. Yes, cats in sinks[fun site]
Christmas Shopping for Idiots[perfect gift]
Arnold is definitely pro-Apple[fun site]
Worst Real Estate Listings Photos[funny]
Pocket Helicopter (Soviet-made)[pics]
Most spectacular places to meet New Year[travel]
Fresh idea: disappearing car doors[auto]
Shoe Design Madness (scroll down)[pictures]
10 Worst Gadgets of 2007[gadgets]
Pretty cool 3D optical illusion[picture]
First-person video from radio-controlled plane[cool video]
DIY: Mouse “Mouse”, slightly gross[gadget]
Scientists (almost?) build the Flying Carpet[interesting]
Soviet Vintage Christmas Card Collection[vintage]via
Bigfoot Info, track your own[useful?]
The Blue Man of Oregon[weird]
Don’t sell THIS on eBay. Even if you need xmas $$[weird]
Robot Wrestling, more[cool video]
Extreme Sliding[fun video]
Cute fluff balls of sweetness[cute video]
Video for cat lovers (only)[fun video]
Mad Magic Tricks Show[fun video]
$500 Olive Garden Gift card just for participating

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