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Shoplifters Blame The Credit Crunch

by | 26th, December 2007

shop-lifting.jpgTHE credit crunch is newspaper shorthand for anything that was once called “personal finance” or the even more esoteric “money”.

And because only political party fundraisers, the man from the Pru and people called Clive know anything about their money, the newspapers need to explain how money works it in BIG, EASY WORDS. The only issue sesem to be if subprime shod be subpirme, sub primne or the fenc sitting sub-prime.

Today, Telegraph readers are treated to “Affluent teens ‘steal gifts parents can’t afford’”.

Writes John Steele, Crime Correspondent: “The credit crunch is driving more and more middle-class children to shoplift expensive gifts denied them by their parents, a charity has warned.”

It’s not Armani’s fault she’s been pinched with a Swarkorski crystal-encased iPod in her jodhpurs but that of American money lenders.

If you must blame someone, blame New Century Financial – a major sub-prime lender in the US that has had its shares suspended on the New York Stock Exchange – and Billy Bob and Billy-Jean for dreaming of owning their own trailer…

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