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Tony Benn Hopes In 2008

by | 26th, December 2007

WITH pipe and in cardigan, Tony Benn delivers his hopes for 2008 – MI5 permitting:

I’d like to see troops withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan immediately in 2008. I’d also like assurances that there will be no attack upon Iran. I would like to see Israel withdraw to its historic frontiers, to make possible the establishment of a Palestinian state, and lift the embargo on Gaza.

I would also like to see the religious element in the world’s conflicts removed, as all the major religions preach the same thing: treat others the same as you would like others to treat you. I would like to see the UN strengthened and made more democratic, to better reflect the size of the states involved. This would mean that China would have a bigger representation than Luxembourg, which is not the case at the moment.

There should also be a much more serious examination of market forces after the Northern Rock episode. Pensions should be linked to earnings as they used to be, while students should be liberated from the debt they accumulate for acquiring an education. I would like to see an end to privatisation, which I do not think has worked, and finally I would like to see Parliament stand up for itself much more than it did in 2007.


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