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The Doctor Is In For Britney Spears

by | 26th, December 2007

britney-spears-birthday.jpg“BRITNEY appears to be crazy,” says “a top Hollywood shrink”.

But at rates changed by the half hour, Marty Brenner needs to say more. Or at least rub his chin, narrow his eyes and, possibly, tap a pen on his temples.

Says Brenner, in the New York Post, relayed across the Atlanic by the Sun: “She is disconnected from life. She’s losing it now, and she’s going to eventually lose it altogether if she doesn’t get the help she needs.

And then to show how in tune he is with celebrity culture, Brenner offers: “She’s exhibiting bipolar signs and she’s clearly fighting depression.”

Bi-polar is the No.1 celebrity condition of 2007, and has been linked to global warming, Jamie Lynn Spears’ pregnancy and polar bears.

Twenty-nine minutes into the consultation. Says Brenner: “She has a major problem”…

A major, major, major… MAJOR…problem of major…”

Parp! Time up!

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