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How To Lose It At Celebrity Poker: Casino Bonus

by | 27th, December 2007

IN “Secrets of a Hollywood survivor” the Times share a skinny latte with “top Hollywood producer MR X”.

He relives a moment:

Proximity to wealth does not make one wealthy. In fact, the closer you are, the more painfully obvious your non-richness becomes.

I once played in a high-stakes poker game with a Very Famous Actor. There were several other high-profile people involved, but the last hand came down to just me and him.

Now I’m no expert, but my pocket aces seemed awfully eager to meet their shiny red brother in the middle of the table. Three aces — I could smell the pot coming my way, and all I could think of was how to collect the chips gracefully. The Famous Actor turned to me and said: “Shall we raise it to $10,000?”

I knew two things for sure: there was no way I could afford the bet, and I’d be damned if I was going to lose to that bully-betting bastard. You know what happened next.

When I got home, my girlfriend asked me how I could lose a quarter of my annual salary on one hand of poker, and I replied — quite logically — that I thought I could beat him.

When she reminded me that he’d starred in a classic movie about poker (which I realised, somewhat belatedly, probably involved months of poker lessons), I knew that it was time to end the relationship. Or, more accurately, have the relationship ended for me.

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