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Madeleine McCann: No More Paedophiles, Six More Months And Clarence Mitchell Says

by | 28th, December 2007

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DAILY MAIL: “McCanns in six-month wait to find out why they are suspects”
Six more months of the McCanns

“Portuguese police files setting out the alleged evidence against them were due to be made public on January 3, but are now expected to be kept secret until as late as July, sources revealed yesterday”

Says the McCanns’ spokesman Clarence Mitchell: “Kate and Gerry feel it is a huge distraction and while police are looking at them they are not searching for Madeleine. The suggestion they were involved remains very upsetting to them”

So are the police doing anything, other than watching the parents?

Say the paper: “Meanwhile, the police investigation hit another dead end yesterday when it emerged detectives had traced and eliminated all British paedophiles known to have links to the Algarve”

Says Clarence Mitchell said: “If reports are correct, then we are pleased that police are doing their jobs properly. But there are also people who aren’t on any lists who need to be traced”

Such as?

Says the Mail: “One man who may not be on any list as he has never been convicted of an offence in Britain is part-time barman and disc jockey Christian Ridout. The Daily Mail told yesterday how the 32-year-old fled Praia da Luz after being accused of grooming a 12-yearold girl for sex. When he vanished two years ago he was working at an expats’ pub 200 yards from where Madeleine disappeared” – Two years ago…

THE SUN: “MADDIE BRIT IN THE CLEAR – Quizzed paedo has firm alibi”

It’s Christian Ridout, also known as DJ Shifty. He was accused of grooming a 12-year-old for sex. Nothing proven in any court of law. Paedo! He’s been questioned. And he is in the clear. Scratch his name off the list.

Any others?

DAILY EXPRESS: “Madeleine: new blow for the parents as suspect is cleared”
The “last of 52 British sex offenders who have links with the Algarve” has been tracked down and cleared of any involvement with Madeleine McCann’s disappearance
His name is not supplied.


“Madeleine McCann was not snatched by a paedophile, police said last night”

Did they? The cops have checked the whereabouts of 52 “British child sex fiends known to have links with the Algarve”. They have also looked through pictures seized in a purge on paedos. But no sign of Madeleine. Which means she was not taken by a paedophile?
A police source says there is “no evidence” Madeleine was taken by a paedophile

DAILY MIRROR: “McCanns battle for secret file”

The Portugal police file on Kate and Gerry McCann will remain secret for longer

DAILY TELEGRAPH: “Madeleine McCann parents ‘left in the dark’”

“The parents of missing Madeleine McCann may have to wait a further six months before they discover why they were made suspects in their daughter’s disappearance, it was claimed last night. Kate and Gerry McCann were made arguidos or formal suspects on Sept 7, more than four months after their daughter vanished from their holiday apartment in Portugal”

The McCanns are “39-year-old doctors from Rothley, Leics” – Such are the facts

Madeleine McCann: The speculation and the sensation

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