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The Death Of Benazir Bhutto

by | 28th, December 2007

bhutto-coffin.jpgBENAZIR Bhutto is murdered. Gordon Brown has spoken.

And the papers are uncertain what to show their readers. Do they broadcast the moment of her death, or not? Is it disrespectful to show the killed leader’s dead body? And can other dead bodies be shown, if not hers?

The Express leads with “the moment Bhutto was assassinated”. The picture is of shadows bled into an orange fire. Bhutto cannot be seen

The Mirror shows the aftermath of the suicide bombers massacre. A man wails in grief. Behind him lies the charred remains of a body. It is not Bhutto, unless she wears diamond patterned black socks. The face is obscured

The Sun’s front-page picture is grimmer still. The same man is engulfed in pain. He stands. Arms outspread. Face turned to the sky. Around him are the remains of many people. Blackened. Dead. But not Bhutto

On the Daily Mail, Bhutto is “30 SECONDS FROM DEATH”

The Independent has Bhutto in a coffin. Men are carrying her. But we see no flesh. No face

The Times has Bhutto “shortly before” she was killed.

“Final moments,” says the Guardian

“Seconds from assassination,” leads the Telegraph

So no sign of the murdered Bhutto. We do not see the full horror. Perhaps we do not need to…

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