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Robbie Williams Can Comeback Now

by | 28th, December 2007

robbie-williams.jpg ROBBIE Williams opens his mouth and gives full throat to Let Meeeee Entertayne Yoo.

This is Robbie’s “revenge”. As the front page of the Star reports Robbie Williams is to embark on a “£150m REVENGE TOUR”. He is to become “the biggest comeback king of all time”. He is to “prove he is bigger than his old band Take That”.


You only really know a pop act has departed and gone out of favour when they announce their comeback. For Williams to have comeback is to admit that he went away.

Pop fans cling to the hope that The Sweet are just in the studio working on new material, that The Clash have been performing in smaller secret venues for years and Abba are to play at next year’s Eurovision extravaganza.

To thrill at Williams’ comeback is to realise that you have not moved with the times. You still sport Chinese tattoos, wear white vests and body pop.

And you wonder if in your dotage, you and your comrades will be sat in the care home dribbling out a sing-along version of oldie-but-goodie Angels and the timeless Millennium…

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