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Pigs Sheep Enter Paradise

by | 28th, December 2007

pigs-paradise.jpgTHE Mail’s “shaggy hog story” centres on a pig that looks like a sheep.

The descendent of the Lincolnshire Curly Coat pig is owned by Tony York, who has christened his “newest and proudest porcine possession” Boris Johnson.

As the Mail notes: “Mr York found the sub-breed thriving in Austria, and brought 17 of the animals back to his Pigs Paradise farm near Stonehenge, Wiltshire, driving a trailer 2,400 miles across Europe to ensure they had regular food and water stops.”

A search on the internet reveals that the Pigs Paradise Farm offers advice on “Pig Housing”, “Books” on pigs and “Meat”.

Says the Pigs Paradise brochure (‘Arbeit Macht Streaky’): “We can supply half and whole pigs. Mouth watering, succulent pork with real ‘crackling’ that doesn’t shrink in the pan, bacon that does not ‘swim out of the pan’ the minute you start to cook it.” It is a Pigs Paradise.

But it is too late for the pig sheep to flee. Where one goes, the others follow. Paradise awaits…

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