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Madeleine McCann: Kate McCann Wants, Archie-Lee Hirst Dies And Robert Murat Denies

by | 30th, December 2007

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“Kate and Gerry McCann want to return to Portugal to re-ignite interest in the case of their missing daughter Madeleine. They will meet with advisers early in the New Year to work out “the best way forward”

They have vowed to let nothing stand in their way, to do whatever it takes to find Madeleine

“But first they want their status as official suspects lifted”

But that could take months…

Says a source: “They can’t let things drift. Although a lot of what has been written and said about them in Portugal has been rubbish, it is important the case is still news. Kate and Gerry’s view is that they can’t allow people to forget about Madeleine”

They will return to set the record straight, to show they are fearless. Leaving no stone unturned is their motto

Says their spokesman Clarence Mitchell: “Kate and Gerry’s lawyers are working very hard on that and will continue to do so. There has been some hostility towards them in Portugal and all the time there is this cloud hanging over them. With the arguido status, a return could start up another media frenzy”

But isn’t that what they want?


Archie-Lee Hirst, 13-months-old, is killed by the gamily pet. A letter writer notes: “SO THE POLICE OFFER THEIR CONDOLENCES … WITH ALL DUE RESPECT, IS THAT ALL? ‘Clearly …’ as the Det. Super says, nothing else? No warnings? When are the officials in these child tragedies – Madeleine McCann, the 7-year-old on the quad bike, and this baby, going to show some b—ls and speak LOUDLY and CLEARLY on why these tragedies are occurring”

Why are they occuring? And how are they linked, other than in the mind of a Daily Express readers?

NEWS OF THE WORLD: “Murat’s mum in sis pleae”

Jennifer Murat says of the sister who claim to have seen her son: “I challenge them to tell Portuguese police what they told  the McCanns’ private investigators”

But they have already…

DAILY HERALD: 2007 Year In Review

“It was a year dominated by just one name – Madeleine McCann. Across acres of newsprint, through hours of television airtime and on photocopied posters at all the United Kingdom’s exit and entry points, the picture of the missing three-year-old was everywhere, and no-one was untouched by her disappearance.

“Her parents, Gerry and Kate McCann, were sanctified and demonised in turn as the media spun a story across eight months based on virtually no solid information at all. Every angle, from paedophilia and infanticide through to slavery, were rehearsed in this horror version of Little Red Riding Hood. Yet we were gripped, because every parent could empathise with the McCanns and we clung onto every scrap of gossip and rumour in the hope that there would be a resolution”

“KATE AND GERRY McCANN” – “Of all the questions asked of Kate and Gerry McCann, official and unofficial, wise or wantonly cruel, since the disappearance of their four-year-old daughter, one is never likely to be answered”

Did you do it? No…

“It is not one of the obvious questions. It features in none of the many inquiries, spurious or otherwise, made by journalism and the law. It has nothing to do with the how, what, when or why. It is more baffling even than these mysteries. Better for an atheist to ask, perhaps, than anyone: how have this plainly devout couple managed to retain their faith?”

It’s Sunday. Question asked. An ecumenical matter. And the answer is: Because what else is there?

SCOTLAND ON SUNDAY: “Madeleine suspect denies claims by sisters”

Yesterday Annie Wiltshire and Jayne Jensen told us they had seen Robert Murat on the night of Madeleine’s vanishing

Yesterday, speaking through a family friend, Tuck Price, Murat made it known: “He says there is a possibility he could have done the translation for those people because he was working for the Policia Judiciaria on that day. “But eight months down the line, he has no idea who they are. He welcomes them going to the police”

THE OBSERVER: “Murat denies sighting”

“Madeleine McCann suspect Robert Murat denied further claims that he was seen near the young girl’s apartment on the night she vanished, a friend said. Two British sisters have told police they saw him outside the Ocean Club complex in Praia da Luz shortly after the alarm was raised, according to reports”

Robert Murat, Clarence Mitchell, Kate and Gerry McCann – Madldine McCann Is Missing

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