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Benazir Bhutto And Me: The Celebrity Leader I Knew

by | 30th, December 2007

cleo_rocos.jpgBENAZIR Bhutto is dead. Killed by her car’s sunroof.

Her supporters have sworn vengeance on the makers of her car, the suppliers of the lever which delivered the fatal blow and sunroofs the world over.

Bhutto’s husband says: “She was killed from bullets…no point even to comment on the other stuff.”

Baitullah Mehsud denies any involvement in the murder. “They attack was not launched by us,” says a spokesman for the al-Qaeda warlord. “We are only against America and don’t consider leaders of Pakistan our enemy.”

Amid such confusion we crave clarity. And the News of the World duly calls upon former Celebrity Big Brother star Cleo Rocos to tell us about Bhutto And Me.

“We must have looked an odd couple,” says Rocos. “Me with my flash of red hair and designer clothes, her swathed in headscarf and sunglasses [supermarket own brand].”

Rocos tells us that Bhutto was “full of fun and mischief”. She once confided: “A girl can never have too many tinned tomatoes.” Rocos took her for dinner at the Ivy restaurant. It as Bhutto’s first time. Perhaps it as her last.

“She loved her Cadbury’s Fruit And Nut chocolate and cooking her Baked Alaska using meringues, fruit and piles of ice cream. I’ve got her special recipe.” (Et voila! Le Bombe Surprise, Mr Bond.)

Readers learn that “hauntingly” Bhutto’s political hero was “the assassinated John F. Kennedy”.

He never knew Cleo Rocos. But he did know Marilyn Monroe…

Picture: Rocos faces down a bearded fundamentalist

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