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A Christmas Carole: Home Malone

by | 30th, December 2007

carole-malone.jpg“SO there I was on Christmas morning tearing into my presents wondering what The Husband has come up with this year,” writes the News of the World’s Carole Malone.

“Thank you for the gift of five chickens and a cockerel,” says the note in envelope No. 1. “Thank you for clearing a minefield – 10sq metres is now safe once more thanks to the gift given in you name.”

Malone, who featured on Celebrity Big Brother, is touched at what has been done to those poor Africans in her name.

“And in a society that’s consumed by materialism, that’s increasingly all about Me, Me, Me, and at a time of year when we’re obsessed with ourselves, I thought it was a pretty fantastic thing to do.”

It’s not all about Me, Me, Me. Says Carole Malone, who goes on to say that her mother died before last Christmas, “We were broke every Christmas”, her dad used to work for the electricity board”, I love giving presents etc.

She then says David Beckham is “more than a tad self obsessed”, telling us that The Husband doesn’t care for fashion, “I have one pair of black trousers”, etc…

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