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Perez Hilton Talkes Spots Perez Hilton

by | 30th, December 2007

perez-hilton.jpgSLOW news day in the celebrity world.

No-one to show walking into a toilet, putting her hair in a bun or smoking a fag?

On the Perez Hirton website, readers learn: “Spotted: Cute and funny homo Mo Rocca at gay lounge The Ritz on Saturday night in NYC. Also there: Perez Hilton. Yes, we just spotted ourself!”

Perez Hilton now talks about himself in the third person.

The celeb spotter has gone native…

Were we natives of the Ritz, NYC, we may find some joy in the news. To them Hilton and Rocca are local celebrities, a bit like living close to Iain Duncan Smith or sharing a dry cleaners with Jimmy Savile.

Of course, New York is awash with celebs and spotting one is not too tricky. Had Hilton or Rocca appeared in Bridlington, we would surely have experinced a genuine thrill – if we’d recognsied them or had an excited local point them out…
Pic: The Perez Hilton punching bag by 14

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