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Standing Up Is The New Jumping Up And Down

by | 31st, December 2007

standing-up.jpg“COULD simply standing up be as good for you as a workout at the gym?” asks the Mail.

Or as bad for you?

When thinking of exercise, the Anorak takes the advice to lie in a darkened room until the urge passes.

But the Mail says the “sheer effort” of standing upright is enough to double the metabolic rate”. Great news. But one Professor Hamilton, of the University of Missouri, says it is not so much the standing up as what you will do when standing, chiefly moving. It is this moving that causes fat to be burned off.

Unless, of course, you are moving to the fridge to retrieve a large slice of cake. In which case the answer to the Mail’s puzzler is “no”.

Look out for in 2008: Could rolling over be as good for you as standing up?; Is begging good for the heart? and Is reading the Mail the new keep-fit…

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