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Me And Benazir Bhutto: Peter McKay Almost Remembers

by | 31st, December 2007

benazir_bhutto_3.jpgCONTINUING Anorak’s series Me And Benazir Bhutto, the Mail’s Peter McKay delivers: “Benazir, the girl in the yellow MGB sports car.”

It turns out that McKay does not work for Pakistan’s ministry of information and has been reviewing footage of her death by sunroof, rather the Mail.

McKay remembers the time Bhutto “invited me to speak at the Oxford union… I don’t remember the topic, or the outcome, but she was a pretty, amusing dinner companion, full of fun and laughter”.

Such credentials marked Bhutto out for leadership. And this is not all. She once gave McKay a gift – “some piece of glasswear”.

Great stuff. And should McKay recall the debate or the token of esteem, he has the makings of a pretty good anecdote.

Readers also learn that Bhutto once drove “a bright yellow, open-topped sports car”. Which McKay may see as ironic…

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