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Star Trek Fan’s Poker Face

by | 31st, December 2007

STAR Trek fans. Na-noo. Na-noo.

The Poker Anorak brings news from the world of fantasy, sci-fi and meals for one. A Star Trek fan who paid who paid $6000 for a poker-player’s visor worn by the android Data on the TV show Star Trek: The Next Generation has sued Christie’s, claiming the prop is a fake.

Ted Moustakis, of New Jersey, says he began to doubt the authenticity of the visor he bought at auction 2006, after “he brought it to a convention in August to have it autographed by the actor who played Data, Brent Spiner”.

Try not to laugh. This is serious. A man who spends six grand on a piece of TV tat has every right to know he is buying the right piece of tat.

According to the law suit, Spiner told Moustakis that it was not the real deal. Moustakis had paid $200 to have his picture taken with Spiner.

He is claiming – get this – $7million.

As William Shatner said to Trekkies: “Get a life people! Look at you! You’ve turned an enjoyable little job I did as a lark for a few years into a colossal waste of time!”)
Says Moustakis: “When I approached, [Spiner] saw the visor, and he said, ‘That’s not my visor. You bought that at Christie’s’.”

The case continues…

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