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Madeleine McCann: Kate McCann’s Diary, The Maddy Catty And Portugal’s A Banana Republic

by | 5th, January 2008

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THE SUN: “Police want Kate’s diary

“COPS moved closer to charging the parents of Madeleine McCann last night after demanding mum Kate’s diary be seized as trial evidence”

The police want the original, having copied it once and handed it back to Kate McCann. The court only considers original documents

“Cardiologist Gerry, 39, is said to be portrayed as an absent dad happy to leave his wife to shoulder the burden while he relaxed on holiday”

A cardiologist. Kate is a “GP”. Such are the facts

A source close to the family says: “The McCanns fear the police want to show a judge they are in position to move the case forward”

DAILY MAIL: “Portuguese police want to seize Madeleine’s Cuddle Cat again”

“Police in Portugal have begun a fresh trawl for evidence which could incriminate Gerry and Kate McCann. Among the items they are said to want to seize is their missing daughter Madeleine’s Cuddle Cat toy, which was examined by forensic teams in the summer. They have also demanded Mrs McCann’s diary”

Why a diary?

“She was advised by a trauma counsellor to keep a journal and to include the days before Madeleine vanished from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz on May 3”
The police: “They have suggested the toy was cleaned to destroy any potential DNA evidence, such as blood. Mrs McCann said it had simply become too grubby”

DAILY TELEGRAPH: “Don’t go to Portugal for your holiday”

Writes Simon Heffer: “I think it is time that the British people showed yet more solidarity with Gerry and Kate McCann, who have been named by the Portuguese police as the main suspects in the presumed murder of their daughter. If the McCanns killed Madeleine, then I am Barack Obama”


“The utterly useless Portuguese police have nowhere else to go, because their initial bungling of the investigation has robbed them of vital clues. It is deeply unpleasant of them to try to scapegoat the child’s grieving parents to try to concoct for themselves an impression of competence

“Portugal has revealed itself to be little more than a banana republic through the handling of this case. Whether you have small children or not, you would be mad even to think of having a holiday there”

Portugal is Britain’s oldest ally – or was…

THE INDEPENDENT: “Deborah Orr: The dark deeds that fire the imagination”

“Likewise, the terrible fascination with the Madeleine McCann case can be viewed, with some validity, as collective wish-fulfilment. There is no substantive evidence of murder, but there is a strong undertow of longing all the same for the culprit to turn out to be someone of the professional class living a respectable life somewhere in the suburbs”

Orr quotes form George Orwell’s 1946 essay The Decline of the English Murder: The murderer should be a little man of the professional class – a dentist or a solicitor, say – living an intensely respectable life somewhere in the suburbs, and preferably in a semi-detached house, which will allow the neighbours to hear suspicious sounds through the wall … He should go astray through cherishing a guilty passion for his secretary or for the wife of a rival professional man, and should only bring himself to the point of murder after long and terrible wrestles with his conscience. Having decided on murder, he should plan it all with the utmost cunning, and only slip up over some tiny unforeseeable detail. The means chosen should, of course, be poison”

The story so far 

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