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Separating Twins At Birth Would Not Happen Now

by | 12th, January 2008

TWINS seaprated at birth. More here. Dizzy notes:

Some people may have read about the twins that were separated at birth, grew up in separately adopted families, met by pure random chance, fell in love, got married, and then learned they were twins leading to High Court annulment. I have but one question in this crazy and head screwy situation. What on earth possessed the people dealing with the adoption to separate twins? That just seems absolutely crazy to me.

I’m not saying that they could have predicted the randomness of them meeting, but surely separating twins, given what is known about twins, would have quite a psychological impact on them even though they won’t remember their sibling. Would or do they separate twins today I wonder?

Prince Harry’s twin works in harrod’s food halls, they say…

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