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Madeleine McCann: Alipio Ribeiro’s Police Acted In Haste

by | 2nd, February 2008

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Alipio Ribeiro, head of the Policia Judiciaria, is in interview with Portugal’s Radio Renascenca.

He says said there was a “certain hastiness” in making the McCanns suspects.

Says the McCanns’ spokesman, Clarence Mitchell: “Now the national director of the Policia Judiciaria apparently accepts they should not have been made arguido, it follows that there is no case for Kate and Gerry to answer”

Is that what he said? Or did Mr Ribeiro say they police might have acted with a “certain hastiness”? Is something being lost in translation?

Says Mr Mitchell: “”As I have consistently said, Kate and Gerry are entirely innocent of any involvement in the disappearance of Madeleine.”

He goes on:

“If the Portuguese police, under Mr Ribeiro, now do the only proper thing by eliminating Kate and Gerry from their inquiry, they and our own investigators can work together rapidly and effectively to find Madeleine and to bring those responsible for her abduction to justice.”

And the arguido status is intended as a kind of protection, giving those involved in investigations more rights than witnesses.

DAILY TELEGRAPH: “Police ‘haste’ in making McCanns suspects”

Says Alipio Ribeiro, “perhaps should have been another assessment” before Kate and Gerry McCann were declared “arguidos”

Says Clarence Mitchell: “What has been lacking so far is formal liaison with the police. If Kate and Gerry are no longer arguidos perhaps there will be better co-ordination, and the police and our investigators can act rapidly to find Madeleine”

But they are arguidos

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YES – a writer specualtes

NO – a writer speculates

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