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Madeleine McCann: Carlos Anjos Says, Clarence Mitchell Replies And The Daily Express Is Quiet

by | 8th, February 2008

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THE SUN: “Maddie cops snub”

Carlos Anjos, head of the Portuguese Police Federation, says: “There are bigger problems in the police”, than the case of Madeleine McCann

Says Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns’ spokesman: “Mr Anjos is entitled to his opinion but it is entirely unhelpful”

This the same Carlos Anjos who once noted:

“There is no criminal investigation which can feed a news frenzy for six months, so what we have seen are both English and Portuguese journalists behaving in a scandalous and unprofessional way. Writing terrible stories in the papers, some of which have clearly affected the McCanns… now we have to say that the McCanns are partly to blame for this. Because it was something they created”

And then one of the oddest lines yet seen in a newspaper:

“Meanwhile cops have ruled out a theory the four-year-old could have been snatched by Swiss pervert Urs Hans Von Aesch. He blew his chance in august after killing a girl of five”

Anyone care to explain that comment?


Says Mr Anjos: “There are bigger problems than the Maddie case”

Why the Star should appear shocked at this seem unclear, given the tabloid stories of paedophilia being rife in Portugal

Says Mr Anjos: “I am certain that all of my colleagues involved in the investigation are doing everything they can to discover what happened”

DAILY MIRROR: “Maddy’s ‘not our priority’”

Mr Anjos made his views known in Portuguese newspaper 24 Horas

MARI Luz Cortes – Still missing. Her father has posted a £110,000 reward, The paper reports that police are “scaling down the search”

DAILY MAIL: “Maddie? We’ve got bigger problems”

Says Mr Anjos: “But with respect, there are bigger problems in the Policia Judiciaria than the Madeleine case”

DAILY EXPRESS: NO MADELEINE NEWS – Which is the biggest Madeleine McCann news of the past six months

Madeleine McCann: hype, frenzy and speculation

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