Anorak News | Online PR: Madeleine McCann Used To Sell Holiday Flats

Online PR: Madeleine McCann Used To Sell Holiday Flats

by | 10th, February 2008

mccann-algarve.jpgMADELEINE McCann. A marketing tool.

A press release: “Northern Portuguese Villas Make Algarve Properties Look Like a Houses of Cards”


Minho Villas offers an investment alternative in the north of Portugal to the possibly burnt out and overpriced Algarve. Various key and coincidental factors including the Maddie McCann episode and Portuguese property market as a whole potentially equate to negative balance sheet potential for new buyers on the south coast. While other areas of Portugal, especially the northern border with booming Galicia (Spain), could see a 360% return in just 10 years according to British Channel 4.

The clincher:

“Of course buying a property which does not appreciate much in value can still be a good investment if the holiday letting yields are good, but with an already noticeable backlash by the holidaying European public over what they see as the wholly unacceptable treatment of Madeleine McCann’s parents and the fact the Algarve is no longer consequentially considered a safe family destination, this is not such a bankable commodity as it once was on Portugal’s south coast. With vagrants targeting an area rich with high value homes, the Algarve seems to becoming a victim of it own success; try finding a vagrant targeting foreigners in other areas of Portugal though and you will be hard pushed”

Using fear and the case of a missing child to sell holiday flats…


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