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Madeleine McCann: A Commemorative Stamp, Metodo 3 Expenses And Another Maddie

by | 11th, February 2008

mccanns2.jpgMADDYWATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann

DAILY MAIL: “McCann’s private detectives charging Find Madeleine fund £50,000 per month in EXPENSES. Kate and Gerry McCann’s private detectives are charging the Find Madeleine fund £50,000 a month in expenses, it was revealed yesterday”

So not £50,000 a month flat fee, as reported as fact earlier?

“The costs charged by Spanish agency Metodo 3, appointed in September to find the missing girl, are on top of its £8,000 monthly fee – which is paid by one of the couple’s wealthy supporters” – including double glazing tycoon Brian Kennedy

Says the couple’s spokesman Clarence Mitchell: ‘”The £50,000 is for legitimate operational costs, having people scattered around different countries. The fund contributes £50,000 a month of publicly donated money because it’s money to help find her. We feel that’s proper use of that money”


“These creepy pictures of a suspect sought over missing Madeleine McCann were released yesterday. Criminal psychologists believe previous images of a long-haired bearded man spotted on the night of the disappearance did not properly reflect descriptions given by witnesses”

A new image based on guessology?

“Portuguese academics Paulo Sargento and Pedro Gamito composed the pictures using a specially-designed computer programme. The duo have previously created a 3D model of the night Madeleine disappeared to suggest her abductor would only have had an eight-minute window in which to strike”

It appears to be the work of tracing paper and biro, a blending of the Jane Tanner sketch and the Gail Cooper likeness

Says Clarence Mitchell: “Although we’re grateful for assistance, we hope this image will not cause confusion to the public. The image is not to be confused with the one we released, which is as accurate a likeness as possible”

DAILY EXPRESS: “Maddie hunt detectives’ £50,000 exes”

That expenses account at Metodo 3. Hacks look on with envy

“ARTIST’S portrait on stamp” – Pop artist Peter Mason has used more than 3,000 stamps to create a 3ft x 3ft picture of Madeleine McCann

Says he: “It tears me apart to think what Kate and Gerry are going through every day”

Mr Mason has used stamps to create pictures of David Beckham and Princess Diana

DAILY STAR: “Stamping home Maddie message”
Says Mr Mason: “The whole idea is to give the hunt for Maddie maximum publicity”

That’s M.A.S.O.N

THE SUN: “Hero, 11, prevents pervert’s tot grab”

This story is illustrated by a picture of Madeleine McCann

A man is holding a cat. A small boy, aged 2, is stroking the cat. The boy is British. The scene is Elviria, near Marbella, Spain. It is June 2007. An older boy sees it and steps in. He “whisked the toddler to safety”.

Says the older boy’s mother: “My son had been following the case of Maddie McCann so he was quite on edge. He realised what was going on, so he grabbed the little boy’s hand and said, ‘No, no, no’”

She adds: “It’s terrifying that these sort of people are operating on the Costa del Sol”

Madeleine McCann: Spreading the fear

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