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Oh-Bummer: The Cult Of Barack Obama

by | 8th, March 2008

ryan-phillippe-obama.jpgMARK Hemmingway on the Cult of Barack Obama. No, not the death cult:

If anyone doubts that Obama’s supporters engage in cult-like behavior, try pointing out that they engage in cult-like behavior. Apparently fealty so permeates Obama’s hardcore base that not only are they glad to produce creepy, propagandistic tributes, but they’re also more than happy to delve into insane justifications of same.

After I first expressed my distaste for the videos, I was contacted by a number of outraged supporters of the Illinois Senator. In particular, I had criticized actor Ryan Phillippe for claiming he was voting for Obama because he wanted a “better future” for his children when the only thing I know about Ryan Phillipe, private citizen, is that not that long ago he emerged from a messy divorce from his Academy Award-winning wife surrounded by tabloid rumors of an affair.

The only good celebrity supporter was Kenny Everett. As he once told the Conservative Party conference: “Let’s nuke Russia!”

The Obama DipDive video is after the jump.

Oh-bummer! Oh-bummer! Oh-bummer! (Repeat until we are all zombified…)

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