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Madeleine McCann And Shannon Matthews: Pets And Parents, The Sun Raises And A Disco

by | 11th, March 2008

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DAILY MIRROR: “McCanns diver fury”

Always “fury”.

Kate and Gerry McCann reacted with fury yesterday after divers began a second search of a reservoir for Madeleine’s body.

The couple told friends the search – funded by a Portuguese lawyer who they claim is a “fantasist” seeking publicity – is a distraction from the hunt.

Marcos Aragao Correia claims crime contacts told him she was killed and left in the lake two days after going missing.

Says a McCann “source”: “There’s no evidence Madeleine is in that reservoir. They believe she is alive and are concentrating on finding her.”

IRISH INDEPENDENT: “Divers search remote Algarve lake for Maddy.”

Says Mr Aragao: “If I was Madeleine’s parents, I’d want to be helped. It may not be the outcome they want if I find Madeleine, but it’s important for them that they find out what happened to her and recover her body if she is dead. There may be genetic evidence on the corpse that could help the police discover who killed her.”

Indeed. Any more clues? Can the paper help?

A Portuguese lorry driver told Metodo 3 he saw the German girlfriend of Madeleine suspect Robert Murat handing over a child in a blanket to a mystery man in Silves, a five-minute drive from the reservoir, on May 5 last year.

Michaela Walczuch has claimed she is being framed to protect the McCanns and denied any involvement in their daughter’s disappearance. She has never been made an official suspect and has only ever been quizzed as a witness.

So why mention it?

THE SUN: “Stepfather is innocent says Shannon’s dad”

A picture of Craig Meehan, Shannon’s stepfather

Says he: “I’ve never hit Karen (Shannon’s mother) or any of the children. We play about, as you do, but have a brilliant relationship.”
Says Shannon’s father Leon Rose: “I don’t believe it. “I’m horrified anyone would suggest that. They got on really well. I was not around for some years and he has been a real dad to her. If there had been any problems I am sure she would have told me.”

What of mum? “Karen, meanwhile, has told how Shannon’s pet dog Scania is pining for her. She said: ‘Scania won’t keep still.’”

Watching the parents. Watching the family. Watching the pets.


A friend said: “Every time little Courtney sees a picture of Shannon in the paper or on the TV she points at it and says her sister’s name. Karen can’t bear the thought of telling her Shannon has disappeared so she has said she’s on holiday. “She has got so much to worry about already that she just can’t risk upsetting Courtney.”

Watching the parents. Watching the family. Watching the children.

Yesterday, Karen tried going in to Shannon’s bedroom for the first time since the nine-year-old went missing three weeks ago after a school swimming trip in Dewsbury, West Yorks. But she was overcome with emotion.

We are watching the parents. Watching the family. Looking through windows. Looking through walls.

An anonymous donor has given £10,000 to the appeal to find her.


The Sun has up its reward from £20,000 – to £50,000. But if a reward of £2.5million has not been not enough to find Madeleine McCann, what good is $50,000?

How is the reward amount set? Is consideration given to the victim’s social status, the competition for headlines, exchange rates?

Leon Rose, Shannon’s father: “No-one can imagine the agonies we are going through. She is a wonderful daughter and we need her home. We are desperate to have her back and we thank The Sun for helping.”

An offer from the heart? Or a hollow offer, a PR-induced offer to get the Sun mentioned?


4.07pm – A family disco is being held to raise funds for the Shannon Matthews appeal. It will be on Thursday March 13 from 7pm to 10pm at Staincliffe Cricket Club.

A disco for a missing child. Her face at the disco. Her face on the wall.

2.23pm – A sponsored walk to raise money for the Shannon Matthews appeal has been announced. It will begin at 6pm tomorrow (Tuesday) at Moorside Road.

Missing children making news

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