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Sian Lloyd And Lembit Opik’s Ill Wind

by | 16th, March 2008

lembit-opik.jpgIN “My relationship with oddball MP Lembit Opik, and why I’m glad it’s over”, Sian Lloyd tells the Mail on Sunday that she has move on.

Lembik Opik is now entwined with a Cheeky Girl.

Readers who want to know how Sian has moved on can read A Funny Kind Of Love, by Sian Lloyd.

In this extract, Sian recalls Opik telling her about a paragliding accident he’d been in. She recalls his words to her: “The wind just went flat and the chute had deflated into a rag. I dropped 80ft, fell like a rock. I broke my back in 12 places. Then my ribs, sternum, jaw, and I lost four teeth.”

Sian listens. She looks. “I wondered if that explained his slightly twisted but interesting face.”

The wind changed. And Lembit stayed like that. If only Opik had met Sian earlier, she could have warned him what weather lay in store. But this is not about looking back. This is about Sian moving on.

Sunny Spells & Weather Machines

Their eyes met.

“I’ll come down with you and get you a cab.” He flagged one down. “It’s been a lovely evening. Thank you,” he said.

I think I was expecting a kiss but there was no hint of one. Still, I was impressed: a man who notices my shoes, sees I’m feeling restless and offers to help me get home. For a moment, I wondered if he might be gay.

Says Sian. “I’d been an ITN weather presenter since 1990. In 1993, I won the Presenter’s Award at the International Weather Forecasters’ Festival.” Not to mention a Rear Of The Year title.

She did not see Opik again for a year. “Then I was at ITV’s annual Politicians Meet The Media summer party in 2001 at Westminster Gardens.”

Amid talk of Tony Blair’s weather machine, eyes met. “That’s a lovely ring,” he remarked. “It was made specially for me so it fits perfectly,” I said. Magic was in the air.
A Dark & Stormy Night

Things progressed. And: “I woke up again after 3am. I climbed out of bed to check on him.

He looked like a sad, grey old man. He had passed out, sitting on the lavatory, with a ridiculous smile on his face.”


“His phone had fallen to the floor. I picked it up. Who had been texting at 3am? His inbox was full. Some messages were intimate in tone. One mentioned the words “Puppy dog”, another what I took to be requests to meet.

“They certainly didn’t sound like his mum.”

An occluded front. And the wind began to howel…

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