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Is Nigella Lawson Getting Fatter For Fat Wednesday

by | 2nd, April 2008

nigella-fat.jpgIT’S Nigella Lawson on the Daily Express’s cover page.

“So has TV’s yummy cook out a bit too much in her tummy?” asks the paper. The Mail looks at her “jumbo knees”.

Readers may well expect this question to appear alongside a shot of the celebrity throwing up in a taxi. But Nigella is above such things – she most likely has a driver – and can be seen dressed in a vomit-free black top and pink cardigan.

The question, of course, is: “Is Nigella getting fatter?” And if she isn’t, why isn’t she?
Because today the Express screams: “TUCK IN AND LOOSEN YOUR BELTS, IT’S FAT WEDNESDAY.”

The paper says that “we’re likely to cram more food into our tummies today than on any other day, bar Christmas”.

It’s a fact. Nutritionist Johanna Hignett says so. Says she: “The Easter break feels like it’s long gone and it’s almost five weeks until the next Bank Holiday and another four months until the next beach holiday. It’s enough to make you throw all those good intentions of getting into shape out of the window. And there’s still lots of Easter chocolate hanging around in homes.”

Back to Nigella, and Express readers should cut out and keep today’s shot of the TV cook and compare it to tomorrow’s picture.

By tracing around each picture and placing the outlines side by side, Express readers with their fingers on the pulse of the day’s news can see if Nigella is getting fatter or if the paper is getting thinner…

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