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It’s 1am And The Phone Is Ringing At Beckham’s House

by | 10th, April 2008

david-beckham-message.jpg“VICTORIA’S 1am crisis talks with David,” says the Grazia front-page headline.

What couple has not been there when the third worst phrase in marriage punctures the still, sleepy silence: “You awake?”

But Victoria Beckham, for it is she, is not nudging her Day-vid to talk about her worries but dialling his phone number.

David is also, as reported, on the blower. He’s texting his wife.

Is it a Bext?

Bext (message) (n) – An obscene text message.
 (“You should see the bext he sent me. He’s one dirty son of a bitch.”)

Source: Anorak Dictionary.

David, says Grazia is texting his wife to tell her that he’s going out.

And no need to ask where he’s off to because the snappers are in force and if there is one thing Vicky can rest easy about it is that there will documentary evidence of what Day-ve is up at any second of the day.

But Grazia is talking of a crisis. But what is is we never quite get to know. Which is worrying. It’s something to turn over in our mind. Over and over and over.

You awake?

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