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Umar Islam And The Comedy Jihadists’ Airline Bomb Plot

by | 11th, April 2008

A PLOT to blow up jets over the Atlantic Ocean is foiled, and defendant Umar Islam is captured on video.

The Mirror says Islam is one of eight men accused of conspiring to murder thousands by detonating homemade bombs on aircraft flying from London to North America. All deny the charges.

Five of the would-be martyrs made videos explaining their actions, or trying to.

Mr Islam’s tape makes for chilling viewing, a damning indictment on the education system.

In the 19-minute video, Islam, born Brian Young, says how many people will die unless they do what he and his ilk want.

But the message is halting. He looks down and reads from a script.

He raises his hand and jabs a finger with so little menace future home-grown jihadists should consider the idea of sticking Rod Hull’s Emu on the end of their hand, or Lamb Chop.

The effect is like watching a video for Mr Islam’s GCSE In Media Studies: Martyrdom Module.

The comic properties of the rant do not go entirely unnoticed by the speaker, who says: “I say to you disbelievers that as you bomb, you will be bombed and as you kill, you will be killed and if you want to kill our women and children, then the same thing will happen to you. This is not a joke.”

Indeed it is not. But why are we smiling?

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