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JK Rowling Turns To Jordan As Katie Price Sells Pirate Books

by | 11th, April 2008

rowling-jordan.pngHOW does JK Rowling, Harry Potter’s creator, compete with Katie Price, she of the gargantuan Jordans and the children’s book Mermaids and Pirates?

The Express looks on as Katie pulls on a pink fishtail gown and flowing hair extensions to meet the young book buyers in Harrod’s department store.

Says Katie: “I have to be honest and say I haven’t read her Harry Potter books, but she was such a lovely lady, really elegant and glamorous and it was nice to meet her.”

As Jordan sells Pete the Pirate and Katie the Mermaid, Rowling is at the British Book Awards. And she’s doing a passable impression of La Price, as she threatens to tumble from her top.

In “JK and the one that nearly got away,” the Mail looks on as her publicist cups his hand to Rowling’s right Jordan and tucks it back in.

“JK almost makes boob,” says the Express.

“It was a perfectly normal awards night until a muggle’s hand became mysteriously attracted to JK’s chamber of secrets,” says the Sun.

“HARRY POPPER,” says the Mirror, pointing towards Rowling’s breast and her next work in which Harry discovers critical rationalism.

As Jordan told us, Rowling is glamorous, in a glamour-model kind of way…

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