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Pete Doherty’s Bunks Up And Down In Jail

by | 14th, April 2008

pete_doherty-police.jpgHAVING toured the nation’s courtroom as part of his study on wood panelling, Pete Doherty is now in jail.

Doherty On Bars sees the sometime popstar looking over the décor at London’s Wormwood Scrubs prison.

And as befitting his celebrity status, the Sun reassures readers that Doherty is being looked after: he has been given his own jail cell and a “bunk” with “TWO mattresses”.

The Sun seems confused. A bunk might be another world for a bed, it could even be prison slang, but a bunk bed is a device that demands two mattresses.

If the bottom bunk has no mattress, then Pete can either lie on hard slats and experience discomfort, or be forced to lie on the springier to bunk and have his view of the cell door impeded.

Thankfully, Doherty is not so troubled. He has the option of two mattresses, and, indeed, spending the night on the floor or sat on his handily placed toilet…

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