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Lonely Planet Author Writes Crib Notes For Backpackers

by | 14th, April 2008

lonely-planet-guide.jpgYOU’VE bought the Lonely Planet books on Brazil, Colombia, Chile, The Caribbean and South America. You can now vow your friends with tales of bad toilets, long bus journeys and crawling plates of food.

Such books are crib notes for the stay-at-home traveller.

And now one Thomas Kohnstamm, Lonely Planet’s writer of the aforesaid tomes, has admitted it. Says he: “They didn’t pay me enough to go to Colombia. I wrote the book in San Francisco.”

He goes on: “I got the information from a chick I was dating – an intern at the Colombian consulate.”

Lonely Planet is upset and is, as the Mail says, reviewing all of Mr Kohnstamm’s work.

How the publisher is checking the facts not said, but there are many other travel books to consult with.

Indeed, the authority of all Lonely Planet writers’ work may now be challenged.

While we await the verdict, would-be travellers are encouraged to stay at home, empty the fridge from anything aside from a packet of dried cheese, and to stop washing…

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