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Pie Jeus, There Are Eleven Andrew Johnstons

by | 15th, April 2008

andrew-johnston.jpgMORE news on Andrew Johnston, the UK’s latest Pie Jesu singing sensation.

In the Mirror, readers get to hear from Andrew Johnston Senior, who says that he’s not been the best dad, hasn’t seen his boy since December, but hopes to help his namesake realise his dream of winning TV’s Britain’s Got Talent, marrying a Welsh rugby player, having a baby and dying his skin orange.

Ooops! Sorry. That’s Pie Jesu singer Charlotte Church’s career to date.
Young Andrew is his own man. Indeed. Andrew is eleven young men having been named Andrew Aaron Lewis Patrick Brannock John Grieve Michael Robert Oscar Schmidt Johnston.

Should young Andrew fail to achieve fame as Andrew Pie Jesu, he can have ten more goes before anyone realises that we’ve heard it all before, or until such a time as his voice breaks…

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