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The BritBlog RoundUp

by | 15th, April 2008

THE Britblog RoundUp, as compiled by The Wardman Wire:

Starting From the Top

Political News and Comment

From a Feminist Angle

Very Educational

Very Sporty

Very Arty

Very … Tasteless

The Politalks Episode 9 (”Cleggover”) is out. It is largely about Nick Clegg and his possible 30 lovers. You can find the post here. Lots of swearing, and it is er .. quite crude. Personally, I reckon that he probably made 26 in a period of 3 months when he was a Ski-Instructor.

Thoroughly gynaecological, but also includes the redeeming feature of a gynaecological sideswipe at Piers Morgan.

For the record, I checked with a (female) friend of Clegg-like age, and the reply was this: “Yes, I would. He’s still a pretty boy.” Thirty-one beckons, Mr Nick.

The second half gets more traditionally political; from about 1′ 10″ in.

Very very very miscellaneous

And from slightly outside the time window…

…but I’m exercising my discretion:

And finally

And .. held over until last .. the Great Stats War. More debate here, but I am saying nothing beyond making a comparison with the Colditz “Great Saluting War” (no link – read the book). It gets into the window because the debate continued into this week.

Networking Democracy

Our Kingdom’s Networking Democracy (link to initial post) forum is coming to a close around now. The best place to follow the various contributions is from the tag page.

Personal Plugs

I’m going to mention three items from the Wardman Wire this week. Firstly, the best pun of the week was on David Keen’s Touching Base article “A Clash of Symbols“.

And The Wardman Wire has a sexy new design for the Front Page.

But can you put Humpty Dumpty back together again?

More next week…

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