Anorak News | Jennifer Aniston Adopts The Name Alex, Like Angelina Jolie’s Son

Jennifer Aniston Adopts The Name Alex, Like Angelina Jolie’s Son

by | 15th, April 2008

alexander-aniston.jpgJENNIFER Aniston is to adopt a baby boy.

Forget auditioning to be the new Oliver, this is the gig any fame-hungry boy wants.
One condition, though, is that all contenders have to be called Alex.

Grazia magazine reports that Aniston has told friends that she is to adopt and likes the name Alexander. As the front-page headline says: “Jennifer to adopt a baby boy called Alex!”

Jen has, we learn, already spent $300,000 on a nursery for the son she does not yet have.
Her Beverly Hills mansion has two children’s bedrooms, a “nanny suite” and a playroom “with storage space for toys and clothes”.

The wardrobes may already be full of choice garments, all monogrammed with the initials AA – letters that invoke images of a cry for help (Alcoholics Anonymous, the Automobile Association, Adam Ant), but which now suggest hope and love.

Any Alex out there that wants the job should best scrub up and look photogenic. Jennifer Aniston is coming for you…

Note: Alexander is the name of the Greek hero portrayed in the eponymous film by Colin Farrell, whose on-screen mother was played by Angelina Jolie, lover to Aniston’s former husband Brad Pitt, aka Achilles. What can it all mean?

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