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Eva Longoria And Victoria Beckham: A Parody

by | 16th, April 2008

beckham-longoria.jpg“IT’S CRAZY HOW FUNNY SHE IS – SHE’S SO FRICKIN’ FUNNY,” says either Eva Longoria or Victoria Beckham, who are in audience with OK!” magazine.

Both might have provided the headline quote, given that they are best of best friends. On further investigation, though, it turns out that Eva is talking of Posh who is funny because she “just has that British sense of humour.”

Not that spite-filled English sense of humour that seeks out a victim to ridicule and destroy, injecting the assault with a jocular “only joking, pal” when the victim looks on the point of tears or violence.

Posh, allegedly, is possessed of that self-depricating, irony-laden British sense of humour.

Posh is, apparently, really funny. So funny is she that we would not be surprised to learn that being Victoria Beckham is all a comedy act, a merciless and clever skit on the shallowness of talentless celebrities.

And Eva has picked up the subtleties, posing with a Magnum ice cream alongside an image of her advertising Magnum ice creams. She then stands before a plate on which a lobster’s severed head languishes beside some asparagus.

Eva then shares an anecdote about how her husband, Tony, hired lots of actors to play the parts of character from the board game Cleudo. Eva then had to figure out the murderer. She doesn’t tell us who is was but the smart money is on the lobster with the ice cream stick in the library.

Eva then extends the joke by telling us that she has the number nine tattooed on her neck and her wedding date tattooed on her wrist.

Many will believe she is actually telling the truth. Such is the genius of her parody…

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