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Snot Rap: Kingsley Cardi Comes Clean On David Cameron’s Suit

by | 17th, April 2008

sid_snot.jpgKINGSLEY Cardi is 15. David Cameron is in Hastings. So too is Cardi. Cameron is in touching distance.

The Mirror (“IT’S NOT BIG AND IT’S SNOT CLEVER”) sees Cardi wiping snot on the Tory leader’s back.

But did he do it?

The Mail says Cardi sneezed into his hand and wiped it deliberately in an up and down motion on Cameron’s suit jacket.

Cardi is issued with a caution for anti-social behaviour. The caution reads: “Anti-social behaviour towards David Cameron, namely sneezing in your hand and wiping snot down the back of his jacket.”

Says Cardi: “I sneezed in my hand and wiped it on him. It was just a joke.”

But was it a real sneeze?

At such times of uncertainty we turn to the BBC, which says: “A boy was cautioned by police after pretending to sneeze and then wiping his hand on David Cameron’s jacket as the Conservative leader visited Sussex”.

The sneeze was not real. Of course Cameron has been here before, chiefly when 17-year-old Ryan Florence fired a gun at him. On closer inspection, the firearm turned out to be imaginary, a thing made up only of Ryan’s fingers and a cocked thumb.

We can only fear what would have happened had Cardi contorted his wandering fingers in similar fashion, or had been holding an egg…

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