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Madeleine McCann: Suing Clarence Mitchell, Jane Hill And Pastries

by | 17th, April 2008

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DAILY MAIL: “’Portuguese police should sue McCann’s official spokesman’, claims newspaper”

The Mail is reporting on a report in a foreign newspaper. Isn’t this what got the Express into difficulties?

A source “close to the investigation” tells the Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manhathat: “On the day in which it’s opened to the public, it will be easy to prove the declarations are not there. Then it will become clear this leak cannot have come from within the PJ.”

The claim is that the words attributed to Kate McCann – words it was claimed she told the police – might not be her words after all.

The source reportedly added that “Mr Mitchell should be the subject of a libel action for harm caused to the reputation of elements of Portimao’s criminal investigation department, for having ‘unfairly accused’ them of passing on information from the investigation to the media.”

Who the source is, the Mail does not say, nor does it care to investigate. It just translates the Portuguese press for its readers.

As Mr Mitchell said: “The police, either officially or unofficially, have so far failed to explain how material that was in their possession as part of their files emerged in the public domain on the very day Kate and Gerry were making positive headlines in Europe.”

The Mail adds:

Mr Mitchell has already categorically denied a claim in another Portuguese newspaper that he leaked the police statements to Spanish television journalist Nacho Abad. “Why on earth would I?” he said.

Mr Abad has said the statements did not come from Mr Mitchell or the McCann’s but refused to reveal his source.

REAL BUSINESS: “Entrepreneurs, networking and pastries”

The bubbly Jane Hill, (BBC News 24 and 1 O’Clock news presenter) also said a few words about breaking the story of Madeleine McCann’s disappearance last year on May 3rd.

Hill recalled how she flew out to Portugal the following day with a suitcase packed for four days – three weeks later she was still there.

“Of course, no one could have predicted how big a story it would become,” says Hill, “And it was only when I got back to the UK that I realized how big the story had become.” Weird to think that as we approach the 1st anniversary of Maddie’s disappearance, despite no trace of her, the story is still generating column inches.

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