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Shannon Matthews: Michael Donovan’s Tracksuit And John Guant Passes Judgement

by | 18th, April 2008

shannon2.jpgSHANNON WATCHAnorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Shannon Matthews

THE SUN: “Cops quiz Shannon suspects for 7 hours”

Mike Donovan, the man accused of abducting and imprisoning Shannon Matthews was questioned by police for seven hours.

Any other facts?

Donovan, Meehan’s uncle, was taken to Huddersfield police station, West Yorks, from Doncaster jail. He was smuggled in and out under a blue coat, but could be seen wearing purple tracksuit bottoms and blue and white trainers.

What of Karen Matthews? Any more facts?

Matthews — a mother of seven by five fathers — is charged with perverting justice by concealing her whereabouts, and child neglect.


“Karen Matthews isn’t and doesn’t represent the white working class.”

Phew! She’s no Lily Allen.

“The clue is the title ‘working’ she and her ilk have no intention of ever working – they just want to leech off the sweat of the rest of us.”

Can’t think of anyone who wants to drink Gaunty’s sweat as he burns calories over a keyboard? That question to humans and leeches. And didn’t Craig Meehan work as a fishmonger in a supermarket?

Undaunted by fact, Gaunt goes on:

“She may be shameless but the rest of us aren’t blameless, as we have allowed the Guardianistas to create new Britain where we are no longer allowed to be judgemental.”

But Gaunt is all about being judgmental. He is allowed to be judgemental, and in the national press of all places. But undaunted by contradicting himself, Gaunt goes on:

“And let’s start by being really judgemental. The way Shannon Matthews has been dragged up is shameful, not a funny enactment of a TV show. The real-life Vicky Pollards are slappers – and they need to be told so.”

Vicky Pollard is a fictional charter on a TV show. Karen Matthews is real.

Jon Gaunt cannot and should not be made up…

Shannon Matthews: Discuss

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