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Brass Neck: Timothy Laurence’s Stable Digs

by | 18th, April 2008

anneandtimothy.pngAFTER yesterday’s expose on squalid living conditions at the Brize Norton military base, the sun presses its pug nose to the gates of Gatcombe Park.

And who lives there? Why, none other than Vice Admiral Timothy Laurence, husband to Princess Anne, son-in-law to Her Majesty the Queen and chief executive of Defence Estates.

The point seems to be that while “Our Boys” live in rat-infested slums, the boss resides in splendour.

It is a point well made. But who is to say that Laurence does not earn his money and deserve his ermine toilet paper and luxurious Matey bubble baths?

Anyone who marries Anne, whose house it is, must surely work hard for their money.

We never do get to see within the stone walls, and are left wondering is Laurence actually lives in the main house or is forced to live in the stables with his fragrant wife…

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