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The War On Food: Police Raid Dinner Lady’s House

by | 18th, April 2008

dinner-lady-oliver.jpgIN “Sorry wrong house,” the Mail looks on as masked police officers smash their way into a terraced home in Greater Manchester.

“Sorry love, wrong house,” says the lead officer as the coppers are confronted by school dinner lady Kathleen Oldham sitting in her dressing grown supping a cup of tea.

The police say they are after drugs dealers believed to be operating in a nearby address.

But are they? Note once more that Mrs Oldham makes school dinners for the young. And then see the police board up her windows, so removing her from society, and present her with a bouquet of flowers, ostensibly by way of an apology.

But look again at the flowers. See the bug. Hear it fizz and buzz like a police radio.

Feel the tension as Mrs Oldham goes to her freezer. Will she go for the fresh frozen pas and keep her doors on their hinges, or will she retrieve the chicken nuggets and hear the shout “Go! Go! Go!”

The war on school dinners is upon us. The gloves are off…

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