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Video Of Shopkeeper Foiling Crossbow Raider

by | 18th, April 2008

TO the Northern Echo where shopkeeper Mohammed Razaq, of the Kinza store, in Station Road, Norton, near Stockton, has just loaded a DVD for his five children. a man with a crossbow enters.

Says Mr Razaq: “I was in shock and I said to him what are you trying to do?’.

“He pointed the crossbow at me and said I am going to shoot you – get the money out of the till and put it in the bag’. I stayed back in an area where there is a staircase. He just shot the bow, possibly at me. I just heard a big bang.”

He goes on: “He tried to load up the crossbow and I could see a big window pole in front of me, so I grabbed the stick and chased him. I felt he was threatening me and my family and kids, so I just had to do it.

“As soon as he saw me with the stick, he ran like mad. I tried to hit him, but I think I missed.”

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