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John Prescott: Tracey Temple: I Was Prezza’s KitKat

by | 21st, April 2008

prescott-diaries.pngWHO knew that John Prescott was a thin girl trapped inside the body of a burly man?

News of John Prescott’ bulimia, brought to you by the John Prescott diaries, occupies the Mail, which has extracts from Prezza: My Story: Pulling No Punches.

As the Daily Sport puts it, this is the story of “SPEW JAGS!” the former Deputy Prime Minister.

Yes, we realise bulimia is no joking matter, and that it is not an eating disorder exclusive to females, it affecting one in ten males (Daily Mail fact.).

But when we hear that Prescott is about to speak in “his own words” it’s hard not to snort. We may even be one of the Mail’s cynics who “would say that his impressive girth makes him an unlikely candidate to be the victim of an eating disorder”.

We may ever wonder what overeating is if it’s not an eating disorder? We may even say that though it takes “vast quantities of condensed milk, digestive biscuits, Marks & Spencer trifles and junk food” to make Prescott sick, we only need a mental image of Prezza pulling down Tracey Temple’s leather trousers with his teeth as shards of sprayed biscuit get caught in the zipper.

“Prescott: My bulimia hell,” says the Star. “Official – he even makes himself sick”.

Some readers may wonder how it is that Prescott’s extra-martial affair has been replaced as his autobiography’s main shock thrust by news that he likes to eat massive quantities of food? Perhaps in those red trousers those red trousers Miss Temple resembled a giant KitKat and demanded devouring and then spitting out?

“I thought, of course, I was being clever, and no one would ever know, but Pauline realised in the end,” says Prescott. No, not of the affair, but of his eating. He goes on: “The signs in the toilet gave it away, and all the missing food.”

Eu! Pass the bucket…

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