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Keep Taking The Pennies: Northern Rock And Tax

by | 21st, April 2008

NORTHERN Rock falls off a cliff taking a minimum £50 billion of public money with it. The 10p Tax Band to cushion poverty trap victims is abolished and 70 plus Labour MPs finally realise their jobs are up the creek unless they get off their well-fed rumps and do something?

The Royal Bank of Scotland is about to proffer the begging bowl to help pay for its unforced errors? Probably the first of many to do so…

So let’s get this right. Five and half million of the poorest and most disadvantaged people in Britain are being shafted by a Labour Chancellor in a reprise of the worst excesses of the robber Barons, meanwhile, failed and desperately seeking money, banks are still paying vast and obscene bonuses to the executives who have got it catastrophically wrong.

It MUST be me. I must be reading it all wrong. I think I’ll have a little lie down and maybe a mug of Ovaltine..with an Oxo cube chaser…maybe mum will put down the gin bottle long enough to read us all a Children’s’ Hour story. One about Muffin the Mule. That would be nice – AGW

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