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Madeleine McCann: Breaking Local News

by | 21st, April 2008

mccanns-balloons.jpgMADDIE WATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann


Almost a year ago, when Madeleine McCann went missing, I was genuinely saddened by her disappearance. But now I’m not.

So says columnist Julia Taylor, who suffering from “compassion fatigue”. She can’t feel sorry for the McCanns because she’s bored. So bored is she, that she’s writing about her apathy.

I think it came to a head for me when I was working in Essex, and several bored housewives decided they would mark the 100th day since Madeleine went missing with the release of 100 balloons on a school playing field.

I think my first question was, well, why?

And the chief bored housewife organiser did not have an answer.

Okay she did. Her answer was: “To raise awareness.”

This was at a point where, even three months after her disappearance, she was still in the press. Awareness? In Braintree? Why?


I think the time has come now when the whole issue should be (excuse the turn of phrase) put to bed.

A joke about Madeleine McCann? Humour comes from apathy… Discuss…

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